Color ♠ Black/Grey ♠ Portraits ♠ Asian/Japanese ♠ Tribal ♠ Aztec ♠ Fantasy ♠ Lettering ♠
Horror ♠ Flowers ♠ Cover Ups ♠ Realism ♠ Freehand ♠ Animations ♠ Animals ♠ Skull ♠

Remember, these tattoos are on you for life so make sure you choose your artists wisely. Do your homework and find the artist who fits with what you want. Contact me about an idea you need me to bring to life and bring any photo reference to help direct me.

E-mail [email protected] for availability and inquiries. All appointments require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $100 that will be applied towards your tattoo. Larger pieces may require a larger deposit. Small pieces must be pre-paid. Bring photos or email any reference that will be helpful for the piece you want. Try to find actual photos of the elements you want to use, not pictures of poorly done tattoos. Be open minded though, not all ideas transfer to the tattoo needle, i.e. shrinking detailed pieces to a tiny size.

Quotes are done in person only (by the piece). Rates are 140/hr for large scale pieces .

Please e-mail 24 hours in advance to avoid losing your deposit. Please understand there are times when I can be juggling dozens of projects and people at the same time.

Private Appointments and sessions are available upon request and at the availability of the artist.